Super Mario 64 DS review

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  1. Mj78 says:

    Wow, a pretty hash review of one of the most stunning games to grace the DS. Easy to pull up, superb control system and a simply brilliant piece of gaming.
    I can’t honestly think of anything wrong with this game at all.

    If people find the control system a struggle, I’m not sure they should be playing video games.
    Mind you, I’m not sure why this game is being reviewed in 2016?!!!

    1. Simon Smith says:

      To be honest this review was simply just an opinion, and I am all for a bad control system, it is just that I feel that this Nintendo DS remake loses something in terms of controls that the original did so well.

      As to why this is being reviewed in 2016, I personally found the game relevant again due to its release on the Wii U Virtual Console, sure the Wii U may be irrelevant but the game was not.

      In truth I did originally have a little more praise and I don’t think I was being harsh on the game considering I praised the use of multiple characters, change in missions, and before I had to cut a paragraph or two I did praise the minigames more. Its a personal opinion, and that is simply what I wanted to share.