Quake Champions Debut Gameplay Trailer

Concurrent with QuakeCon, and in the keynote speech delivered by Tim Willits, the Studio Director of id Software, the first gameplay trailer for id Software and Saber Interactive’s Quake Champions was showed off and some details provided on the return of the beloved arena-style FPS that defined the genre in the 90’s.

Willits gave us some information on five champions, three returning ones, Ranger, Visor and Anarki and two new ones, Nyx and Scalebearer, and a brief look at their abilities. He promised there would be at least twelve to choose from.

The trailer shows that the game has stayed true to its roots. In true Quake fashion, the action looks as fast paced as ever, with fast movement speed and even some rocket-propelled jumps. The weapons look interesting and the arenas look to promise tight corners, open spaces and beautiful architecture.

Towards the end of QuakeCon we will be able to get a better idea of the game as a pre-selected group of players will take to the stage in an exhibition match to show off what the game has to offer. For those disappointed at not being able to get their hands on this early, a closed beta will run in early 2017 where a true sense of the game can be gotten.

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