Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Shown, Release Date Announced

Super Mario Odyssey could be Nintendo’s biggest game for 2017. Fans are excited to see where Nintendo is going with their lead plumber, and Super Mario Odyssey shouldn’t disappoint.

Nintendo’s E3 presentation provided a bigger emphasis on Mario’s hat “Cappy” showing more on how this sentient hat ties into the gameplay. Mario’s hat will act as much more then a simple platforming mechanic. As the trailer demonstrates, Mario will be able to throw his hat and take control of different lifeforms.

This ability will likely be used in puzzle solving. Mario inhabited different bodies and used them in different ways, including creating a stack of Goombas, taking control of a frog and even a human. The hat clearly is taking center stage as a core piece of the games’ story and gameplay.

Super Mario Odyssey also has an official release date: October 27.

Now do yourself a favor and check out the trailer below (it has a rather catchy song).

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