Super Mario series Amiibo apparently not going to be rare

Are you like myself and have been struggling to get hold of Amiibo characters? Nintendo has been struggling to keep a good flow of Amiibo characters in stock with them selling out in mere hours and pre-orders selling out in equal time, Amazon opened up pre-orders for the new Super Mario Amiibo figures last week and in hours they were mostly gone. Yet even with the high demand for the latest series, none will be rare. At least according to Nintendo.

Destructoid, citing a trusted source from GameStop, says that Nintendo was “confused” by the rush to pick up the latest amiibo. Representatives are telling Nintendo that the figures will be stocked in “Abundance”, and no one should worry about missing out on the first round of pre-orders. Toad is set to be the “lightest allocation”, though he will not be considered rare.

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