Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS picture of the day 6/23/14 possible new stage

After another absence of the daily screenshot updates for the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game from me I finally return you selection of daily updates from the new Smash Brothers. Now I don’t have a clue what to think of today’s picture of the day but you can have a look at the picture above and consider what would be your translation for what is being shown. So as usual Sakurai has taken to Miiverse to deliver his latest picture of the day and the following message:

Is this a match made in heaven? Remember, no matter how big you may be, there is always someone bigger.

Again I don’t know what to think of this picture as there is no clear description or idea as to what is being shown. I could make a guess that this has a similar connection to a lot of the classic references lately. The background does look like something from a game in the 80’s and I would perhaps consider that this is a new stage revealed that ties in with the idea of classic gaming which in turn would tie in quite well with the classic characters and classic assist trophy. For now we will just have to wait for full details and a proper announcement.

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