The Nintendo 64 is 18 years old today

It is a year of celebrations this year with so many gaming landmarks celebrating special birthdays. Earlier this year was the Game Boy which celebratd its 25th birthday just a few months ago, now it is the time for a new celebration with Nintendo’s first 3D console stepping out for its 18th birthday, I of course am talking about the Nintendo 64. In your loungeroom right now it is secretly throwing a party while you are not looking with all your other consoles.

The Nintendo 64 has some of our best memories as gamers, whether it be our first thoughts as we gazed over at Peaches Castle in all its detail, broke the shackles that held us in our 2D plain in Donkey Kong 64, we got to see and explore a big and beautiful Hyrule Field. Not to mention many cult classics that we all loved, Conker Bad Fur Day anyone? We got Majora’s Mask to love for all it gave us, Goldeneye which was great as a multiplayer game oh so many others. I lost many hours to Donkey Kong 64 back then and I am still losing it know, I don’t know about anyone else but I think some of the best games ever made are on the 64 and I will continue to be drawn back to the console for them.

So I leave you know with one final message happy 18th birthday to the Nintendo 64 and may you find even more hapiness and ring joy to more people in your next 18. I know I will always love you and will proudly display you between my Wii U and my Skylanders Characters.

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