Super Smash Brothers Picture of the Day 4/4/14 Assist Trophy


Sakurai has taken to Miiverse to deliver another picture of the day and the following message:

Pic of the day. Hello fighters! I’ll assist you with fresh-picked fruit from my town!♪

I know next to nothing about the Animal Crossing series of games, but I am pretty certain this character is known as Isabel and she plays a major role in the very foundation of the Animal Crossing universe. This is exciting news today not only is Animal Crossing getting its own fighter which we have known about for quite a while, but it also getting another assistant character for the game. I use another because I do not know whether Sakurai has opted to keep Mr Resetti from Brawl as an Assist Trophy. Either way Isabel is going to be a really awesome character to have as an assistant, she may not do anything in the fighting sense but in a tough fight recovering even the tiniest bit of health from the fruit could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Source: Miiverse

Further news about Smash Brothers: Nintendo is set to do a Nintendo Direct all about the new Smash Brothers soon which could introduce a few new characters and even give us a release date or even a release window. Nintendo Direct is set to air on April 9th and you can watch it on Nintendo’s Website or Youtube.

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