Super Smash Brothers tourney mode arrives in August

When Super Smash Brothers for Wii U launched last year I was saddened when I discovered that one of my favorite game modes was missing, back in Super Smash Brothers Brawl I loved to play the tourney mode but its absence in the Wii U game was sad when it was a big part of my game experience. The good thing though is it finally is coming only many months after the game launched, during today’s Smash Brothers presentation Sakurai provided an update on the tourney mode which will feature a couple of different types of modes, one of the newest features is where players compete to get the highest score within a certain amount of time, if that is not for you though then don’t worry standard tournament mode is returning. Sakurai has also revealed that development of the mode has been completed, and testing is currently in the works. Tournament mode will be released in August so look forward to playing that then.

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