System shock Getting “Enhanced Edition” With Increased Performance For PC

System Shock is a classic game from 1994 that is often talked about whenever massively influential games are mentioned. However, due to the games, it is pretty hard to get a modern PC that can run the game.

Well, worry no more. The Re-Release of the game has been created specifically so it can be played on modern PC’s with no problems. GOG announced the game yesterday, and it is now available for purchase here.

According to GOG, the game has gone through many improvements:

“System Shock: Enhanced Edition now comes with official support for resolutions up to 1024×768 (compared to the original 640×480), and a native 854×480 widescreen mode. Gameplay is streamlined with a toggleable mouselook mode, including more intuitive inventory and item management. Combined with assorted bug-fixes and remappable controls, System Shock is now truly enhanced. Still, some gaming experiences are truly worth preserving, so you can also return to the authentic 90’s gameplay with System Shock: Classic – ready for modern systems, completely unaltered in all other aspects.” — GOG

See the trailer below:

Will you be playing this PC classic? Let us know in the comments below!

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