Can Your Dad Predict the Game Awards Winners?


Can one man who knows nothing about video games accurately predict The Game Awards? Who knows! Join Kate and Tim …

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Raji: An Ancient Epic Video Review


Raji: An Ancient Epic brings Hindu mythology to center stage as a young circus performer in ancient India parkours her way across a mystical landscape, fights monsters, solves puzzles, and wields the power of the gods to rescue her younger brother from the King of Demons. Nirav shares his thoughts the new action-platformer from Nodding Head Games.

For more on Raji: An Ancient Epic, check out Nirav’s video on the game’s depiction of Indian culture. Also take a look at his video on Far Cry 4, and the importance of representation in video games.

Nirav reviewed this game on Nintendo Switch with a copy he purchased himself. It is also availble on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


An Indian Perspective On Raji: An Ancient Epic


Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure video game that hit the Nintendo Switch about a month ago. Set in Ancient India, it stars the titular Raji, a young girl who stands against a demonic invasion.

Finding representation in video games is a chore for Indians around the globe, so Raji‘s commitment to the aesthetic and feel of true Indian culture shines through. So, in the run up to its wider release October 15, Nirav shares his thoughts on the game’s depiction and of Hindu mythology.

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