Raji: An Ancient Epic Brings Indian Mythology & History to Nintendo Switch

Step into the role of Raji, a girl chosen by the gods to embark on a truly epic adventure. Collect and strengthen divine weapons, including bows, tridents, and more. Travel through a beautiful ancient world inspired by real-life paintings. Defeat the hordes of demons threatening your homeland — and ultimately gain enough power to face down the villainous demon lord who commands them.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is the first title from India-based developer Nodding Heads Games. Earlier this summer, during the Steam Games Festival, it was announced to be coming to Steam as well as Xbox consoles, with an anticipated release date of sometime in the fall of 2020. However, today, during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase streaming event, it was revealed that Raji would also be debuting for the Nintendo Switch. Even better, it’s available for purchase and download starting TODAY!

Shruti Ghosh, a co-founder of Nodding Heads, explained that Raji was created because the studio’s founders wanted to share the stories of their childhood with an international audience. The game, which draws inspiration from both Hindu and Balinese mythology, began development in 2016. It features aesthetics inspired by Pahari paintings and architecture drawn from real-life structures found in the North Indian state of Rajasthan.

The Nodding Heads team, who describes Raji as “a passion project,” hopes to put India on the game development map by delivering “an AAA indie game.” They initially raised money for Raji via Kickstarter before teaming up with publisher Super.com. Raji has received high praise ever since its very first announcement, making the reveal that it is releasing today even more exciting for fans around the world.

Are you excited to delve into the stunning, mysterious world of Raji? Which of the many divine weapons are you most excited to wield during your journey? Let us know!

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