Top 10 Dubious Foods in Video Games (That Aren’t Dubious Food)


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s incarnation of series protagonist Link is usually a master chef, able to …

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Tall Resident Evil Lady… And 9 Other Hot Video Game Vampires

lady dimitrescu 750x422

The Internet is all abuzz over Lady Dimitrescu, the tall and gorgeous vampire lady who was recently revealed as a …

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Top 10 Video Game Villains that Should Have Won

SOTC Title

Sometimes, the bad guys have a point. Many games pit an unquestionable hero against a truly evil villain, but some …

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Top 10 Dogs in Video Games


We already covered the best cats in video games, now it’s man’s best friend’s turn with this fun list discussing …

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A Defense of Skyrim: Or Why Revisionism Never Holds Up

If one were so inclined to visit the right internet forums, watch the right YouTube videos, or even listen to …

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