Takashi Iizuka explains why they chose to use Links tunic in the Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC

Without a doubt Sonic Lost World has some of the coolest Downloadable Content around featuring an entire world dedicated to Yoshi and his adventures, which was even done partially in the style of the upcoming game Yarn Yoshi. On top of this Sonic Lost World players recently got he chance to play the Legend of Zelda DLC for the game which features Hyrule and many of the key elements surrounding the franchise.

One of the big questions of this zone however is why is Sonic dressed up like Link, what could possibly be the reason behind this when the Yoshi zone only featured a normal Sonic running about. In an interview with 4Gamer producer Takashi Iizuka explained why this was done. Basically he said the Yoshi Zone was more focused on collecting eggs so little enhancements to Sonic was not necessary to the core gameplay experience, whereas even with the appearance of the famous Hyrule field many of the players of Sonic Lost World might have been unfamiliar with the Legend of Zelda and therefore would have just confused it with another zone. Iizuka took charge of the team to make sure the tunic looked authentic to go along with the level.

Here is what Takashi Iizuka said about his concerns in the design choice:

While talking with the designers, we were wondering how we could have Sonic wear these clothes and look normal while covering his spikes. In any case, I was definitely worried at the time of designing.

This worked out very well and the team behind Sonic Lost World has done a great job with both DLC especially the Zelda zone.

Source: Nintendo Everything

If you haven’t played the Zelda Zone yet watch the trailer below.


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