Final Fantasy XIV A realm Reborn out now on Playstation 4 – launch trailer

Remember in 2010 when Square Enix decided to release a realm reborn and it was met as a colossal failure in the same scale as the main Final Fantasy series, well Square Enix has brought the game back for a new era of players to check out and if the PC version has proven anything, it has shown that Square Enix has learnt from its mistakes and started releasing a better game for this Final Fantasy game. One of the better things about this however is that the game isn’t just on PC as we see the game hitting Playstation consoles, but more particularly the Playstation 4 which is sure to be a good place to play the game on. If you haven’t played the game yet or are on the fence about whether or not to play the game then I suggest you check out this trailer.

It is out now on Playstation 4 so if you want to you can go and give the game a chance.

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