Take-Two Interactive has tons of dough.

Take-Two Interactive revealed many things last night in their earning’s conference call, the numbers that were announced,must have put a “HOLY SH*T” on their investors’s faces.

It is no secret that Rockstar Games is most likely one of the most popular,well-known,and respected game developers in the industry. Plus,you probably have one or two of their games. Actually,you most likely do. Because last night,Take-Two announced that Rockstar Games has sold nearly 250 million copies of their games worldwide throughout their history. Lets just say, that’s a lot of dollar bills.

One of Rockstar Games’s more recent titles “Grand Theft Auto V” (Might have heard of it),has sold more than 32.5 million copies since the game’s release back in September. So if you were ever wondering where that $1 billion came from. You have your answer. Take-Two also says that GTA 5’s reign of terror over the gaming industry isn’t done yet,as there are more plans for the evolving world of Grand Theft Auto Online coming soon. And on the topic of GTA Online, even though it did have a rough start up,it still earned nearly half of the money made from all the digital revenue (which is 132.8 million) through microtransactions.

Society response to anything published by Take-Two Interactive.

But Rockstar Games is not the only one that is taking shower with their money; 2k Games has also been earning some nice cash because of their games. Borderlands 2 is 2k Game’s best selling game of all time currently and made a nice sum of money. 8.5 million dollars, to be exact. The game,to this day, is still bringing in revenue because of downloadable content. Also,Take-Two also confirms that the NBA 2K series is the most profitable out of the all the 2k sport games, with NBA 2k14 shipping 5 million copies. That’s a lot of virtual basketballs dribbling at once.

Lastly,since we are on the topic of everything related to Take-Two Interactive,2K games,and money. I might throw out a little tidbit saying that 7 Sid Meier’s games are out on humble bundle. Buy these games and at the same time you’ll be supporting the “Action Against Hunger” charity with your purchase.

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