Target has five first-party 3DS games on sale for $15 each (in-store)

Looking for a great deal for 3DS games to support your console with, well thanks to Target you can go and get some essential games for a rather cheap price. Five of what is considered as Nintendo’s essential 3DS games are on sale, so you should head down to your local Target store to get your copy of the games on sale which include:

Super Mario 3D Land

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Mario Kart 7

Animal Crossing New Leaf

New Super Mario Bros 2

Each game is available for $15 each, and you have until the 4th of April to make use of this offer. If nothing else this could make for an excellent birthday present for somebody providing you with some of the best games avalible to give to whover you like, either way I am sure you will be happy. The only thing left to say is happy shopping.

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