Team Sonic Racing Officially Announced for Winter Release

The notion that a new Sonic Racing game is coming has been a poorly kept secret for some time now. Toy makers outed its existence a while ago and some retailers such as Walmart basically revealed the game. Despite this, we finally got the game’s official announcement, butTeam Sonic Racing might not be what Sonic racing fans were actually expecting.

Sumo Digital, who handled the original Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, is bringing the next Sonic Racing game to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One this winter. Speaking through Twitter the company announced the game saying:

Er. Surprise?

Yes, the rumours are true. We’re beyond excited to finally announce that we’ve been working on the [Top Secret] Team Sonic Racing with our friends at @SEGA!

A lot more to share very soon. Stay tuned!

While this news should come with pleasant anticipation, Sumo Digital appears to have taken away a lot of the nostalgic charm present in the previous series incarnations. This game will only feature Sonic characters compared to the previous cavalcade of Sega characters. This will be a strictly Sonic venture which might turn off some players of the previous games.

However, Sumo Digital does appear to have put a decent amount of work into the game with a variety of features announced to be part of Team Sonic Racing.

The game will include:

Online Multiplayer & Local Co-Op Modes – 12 players per race, 4 player split screen, and various offline / online race modes including Grand Prix Mode, Exhibition Mode, Time-Trial and Team Adventure Mode.

Team Racing – Race as a team, win as a team. Use various team moves to assist your teammates, knock out opponents and unleash your Team Ultimate.

Performance & Skin Customization – Alter the appearance and handling of your vehicle.

Wisps – 14 spectacular offensive and defensive items to help overcome rival teams and get ahead!

Adventure Mode – Unique story experience where players are introduced to basic game features and characters.

Various Characters and Types – 15 playable characters from across the Sonic Universe and 3 distinct character types including Speed, Technique, and Power.

You can watch the trailer for Team Sonic Racing below, and despite the underwhelming Sonic focus, the game does look beautiful.


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