Telltale has detailed the release windows for Batman and Walking Dead games

Despite their work on episodic adventures based on the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future franchise, Telltale Games really rose to the limelight until The Walking Dead. With this single franchise they showed the world what they could create, and now they have done work with all kinds of brands that many look forward to and are aware of.

Moving forward Telltale has two new series on the horizon for us to keep our eyes peeled for, a series where they tackle the Batman license, and a third season of The Walking Dead. Both of these series have had their release windows revealed by Telltale Games Director of Creative Communications, Job Stauffer, who via Twitter revealed the key details. He has revealed that Batman (yes this is the series name) is set to premiere this Summer, he has also revealed that the third season of The Walking Dead will be premiering this Fall.

Neither of these two games have actually received a proper showing for the public, however I think an E3 showing could be in the works with the games seeing their official reveal (more in the case of The Walking Dead) at the event, to further back this up Stauffer has teased this potential showing.

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