Telltale Publishing bring 7 Days to Die to Playstation 4 and Xbox One

When you think of Telltale you usually consider their linear open world adventures, what you don’t think of is them publishing a console port of a popular PC game.

Telltale Publishing is going to bring us a port of the game 7 Days to Die, this game is a popular open world zombie survival game which has been available on Steam Early Access and has sold around 1.5 million copies on Steam alone. Now Telltale is porting the game to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One for release in June, when it releases the game will be available both as a digital download and as a physical copy costing $29.99.

If you choose to preorder this game you will get some interesting goodies, most notably we will recieve special skins for the game based on Telltale’s popular Walking Dead series, these will include Lee and Michonne among others.

Publisher Telltale and developer The Fun Pimps have teamed up to bring us the below announcement trailer for the console version, so take a look at 7 Days to Die:

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