The Bioshock games should be remastered for the current generation

It seems of late we are constantly seeing new remakes and remasters constantly flooding onto next generation consoles such as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and while many complain I like to think of these as a chance to play a game we missed on a new system or play an enhanced game. I have yet to grow tired of remakes and remasters and feel they still have a great standing in the market to offer these almighty experiences. There are some remakes being done at the time or that have been recently released that feel pointless but there are other games that have yet to be considered and Irrational Games Bioshock franchise is one of them.

Irrational Games may have closed its doors last year but parent company 2K still maintains the rights to the franchise so I don’t think it is too farfetched to say that the Bioshock games can be remastered. The question that is probably being asked however is why? Why would we want to see more remakes and remasters when we have already seen plenty and why that particular franchise? Well, it is simple while the Bioshock games are much loved I feel they need a second chance and next generation consoles are the perfect opportunity to see these games make a triumphant return.

To put it simply, of the many games released in the last console generation the Bioshock games are easily one of the biggest standouts, the games offer excellent gameplay and each game housed an elaborate mystery to solve as you went along in the amazing out of this world environments that existed within each game.

Last generation, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite did prove to be extremely popular captivating players but Bioshock 2 never quite reached this popularity, it was mostly ignored. However with a new generation of consoles comes a potential new fanbase and new players who have yet to experience the games and what better opportunity would there be to get the games names out there once again.

I also think it goes without saying that many game players will likely have given up on their Playstation 3’s and Xbox 360’s in favor of better graphics and new control systems, so it becomes now about finding where the fanbase’s sit on the gaming scale and the Bioshock games could make for a perfect fit. Just think about it, a key point in 2K’s favor is that the games are likely to sell because of what they are, but the graphic scale is also worth noting as a key selling point.

When it was released on last generation systems Bioshock Infinite was a jaw dropper, the game was visually stunning and even by current generation standards the game is beautiful, but with the added power of new systems I don’t think it is farfetched to say that 2K could turn Infinite into a true stunner something the graphic crazy gamers would jump for joy at the sight of. I can’t forget to mention the original Bioshock, it is notable that Bioshock is aging, it doesn’t ruin the game but it is still a shadow of its former self and could do with a visual upgrade to continue its creepy nuance.

Though if a real reason was needed for why we need the Bioshock games on the current generation consoles then what has to be said is for the clever side of the games. I previously mentioned the intriguing mystery of the games, but more importantly we are in a generation where we seek a great story and for those who have not experienced Bioshock as either the original game or the equally good third game there is quite an experience to be had and a great one at that. We need a good experience, sure we have plenty coming and plenty available but very few experiences can surpass that of the masterful Bioshock games.

Sure we have seen far too many remasters and remakes in recent months but we need Bioshock for a good experience and a truly deserving remaster. In a world where people are becoming more about the new technology we need to ensure that the best games come out where the players are and ensure that they are given the best possible game experience with the highlight of some of gaming’s best. I doubt it will happen but I can’t deny it would be great for all of us and I would immedietly preorder that remaster.

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