The Case of the Golden Idol Epilogue Guide

Unlike the previous eleven cases, the epilogue of The Case of the Golden Idol does not have a single mystery to solve. Instead, you will use clues and hints collected throughout the game to reveal the truth of the cursed idol and how it was used to reform the government and commit many murders.

27 clues are provided for you, made up of characters and elements you have encountered in previous chapters. There is a scroll to fill out that goes over the events of the entire game. To get help in filling out the scroll, you can read the letters in the three men’s pockets and return to previous chapters to remind yourself of what happened earlier in the game. The reading material in this chapter confirms many mysteries from earlier in the game, including that Cloudsley/Herst was in love with Mary, that Keene and Gorran were working for him, and exactly who the members of the mysterious masked Brotherhood were.

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The completed scroll reads as follows:

“Sebastian Cloudsley left the idol to the Brotherhood in his will but then David Gorran, on Edmund Cloudsley’s orders, stole the idol and accidentally stabbed Willard Wright. The Brotherhood tasked Walter Keene to punish Edmund Cloudsley and recover the idol, but his attempts were fruitless.

During one attempt, Walter Keene was captured and Edmund Cloudsley convinced him to join his side. Edmund Cloudsley used the idol to make himself young and infiltrated the Brotherhood under the new identity of Lazarus Herst. Then he claimed to be the Gryphon Reborn and transformed the Brotherhood into the Order Party.

Brotherhood Masters Alistair Koch and James Turner helped Lazarus Herst seize power in the country and enforce the rule of virtues by taking youth away from common people and giving it to Order Party members. Right before the final showdown with the uncooperative King, Lazarus Herst wanted to kidnap Mary Battley but was shot by Peter Battley and the idol was broken.”

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This concludes the final chapter of The Case of the Golden Idol. With the titular idol broken, it can no longer cause destruction and chaos, and the mysterious string of murders is at last brought to an end. By completing the Epilogue, you have revealed every secret and mystery present in the game. However, if you want to learn more about how to solve each mystery in every case, make sure to check out GameLuster’s other chapter-by-chapter guides for The Case of the Golden Idol. Plus, don’t forget to check out GameLuster’s review of the game to see how Jess enjoyed it!

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