The Coma, An Interesting 2D Horror Game Has Just Been Greenlighted On Steam

Take a look at this very interesting 2D Horror Survival game below:

The Coma is in development with the Seoul-based studio Devespresso Games and was greenlighted within the last couple of days.

The game takes place in a Korean high school and follows a student who fell into a kind of deep sleep or “Coma” after Studying hard for exams. When he work up however, he finds that it is the middle of the night and the school is empty, abandoned almost.


However, it’s not as abandoned as you may think: all of the teachers and students have turned into ghosts and the player must find a way to escape the school.

There is something even scarier lurking in the shadows: The Hunter, whose screams will kill you.

In order to stay safe, the player will need to run, hide and even hold their breath.

The Coma is scheduled to release on PC in October.

Let us know what you think of this Spooky 2D Horror game in the comments below!

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