Last year at E3 a new game was announced by Ubisoft, some people if I recall even hailed it as a new generations Driver, while I don’t know anything about this and personally believe that Driver looks far more fun, I guess I must say to each their own. What game am I talking about here well I am talking about the Crew an upcoming game being made by Ubisoft, it is a car game about racing and other such things. Even though the game was only announced last year the game has been in development for far longer then any of us would have considered. On a note on the new website promoting the game’s hands on tour in the UK, a little message confirms the game has been in development for six years.

The Crew is due out on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

If this game has been in development for six years then I believe it really should be good as that is plenty of time to work out all the bugs, I would still personally rather a new Driver though but maybe I might play this game and be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong in my opinion.

Source: Gaming Everything

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