The Flame in the Flood is coming to Playstation 4 on January 17th

The Flame in the Flood arrived in early 2016 to great critical reception on the PC and Xbox One, and since that moment Playstation 4 owners have been wondering when they would be receiving the game, a question that has finally been answered. Developer Molasses Flood recently said that they hoped to have the game out on the Playstation 4 by January, and this release window will be met thanks to the reveal by publisher Curve Digital and the developer.

The Flame in the Flood will hit the Playstation 4 on January 17th, featuring a complete version of the game releasing exclusively for the Playstation 4. This version of the game comes with a brand new director’s commentary, giving player an insight into the design and development of the game. It will also come with a few digital goodies, including a new dynamic theme and two new system avatars. Finally, the Complete Edition will feature a bunch of gameplay tweaks that make the PS4 port the definitive version of the game. It remains unclear however if similar tweaks will be given to the older versions of the game.

Developer Molasses Flood shared the following comments on The Flame in the Flood’s Playstation 4 port:

“Curve Digital has been monumental in bringing The Flame in the Flood to PlayStation 4 and we believe the Complete Edition is a game every PlayStation fan will want,” said Forrest Dowling, president and lead designer of Molasses Flood. “Not only will players get to experience the award-winning gameplay, art and story of the original, but the additional content and gameplay tweaks very much make this the definitive version.”

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