The Game Busters React to Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004) Movie!


After a short break, we are back to VGMH! And who better to welcome us back than Milla Jovovich and her apparently very horny husband Paul W.S. Anderson with the second (of 6!) Resident Evil movies! We had fun with this one too, but it doesn’t quite match the campiness of the original and takes itself a tad too seriously. Still, a good ole scarifying hoot!

Welcome to Video Game Movie Hell! Nirav, Jess, and Felicia are watching every video game movie ever made in chronological order (really). Look for our reactions/reviews every other week on Tuesday on YouTube and in your local podcatcher! If you have Apple Podcasts you can watch along through the app, and if you have Spotify you can watch along either through the app or the web player (both free). Or watch on Google Drive (very free) or YouTube (for an edited version). Find it all here: !

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