The Game Busters React to the Tomb Raider (2001) Movie!

Starring Angelina Jolie’s taut thighs, a fighting robot that should probably be the one doing the tomb raiding, and an IT guy who lives in the backyard and is NOT allowed in the house, it’s 2001’s Tomb Raider! We enjoyed this one decently, with fun set pieces and dumb plot devices, and Jolie isn’t half bad as Lara Croft. Join us!

Welcome to Video Game Movie Hell! Every other week, Nirav, Felicia, and Jess are traveling through time via the stupidest time machine ever by watching every video game adaptation in chronological order. Find us on your local podcatcher by searching for The Game Busters Podcast!

This is a video episode. You can view it for free on your phone with Spotify or Apple Podcasts or on your computer via Spotify web player or DailyMotion here:

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