The Halo: the Master Chief collection has been announced

Halo fans rejoice as Microsoft has adhered to the rumours and the dreams of its fans and announced the Halo: The Master Chief collection this game will make those people who have missed a game down the line or just want to replay the older games happy as they get to go back and have another go at the original games on a new platform as well as getting them all for the price of a new game.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will release on November 11. Pricing is set at $59.99.

Here’s the lowdown on Halo: The Master Chief Collection:

– Has the first four games in the series
– Halo 2 getting the full Anniversary treatment
– Contains the original Halo 2 multiplayer as it shipped 10 years ago
– 6 iconic Halo 2 maps to be recreated
– Out on November 11
– $59.99
– Over 100 multiplayer maps
– All running on their original engines
– 1080, 60 FPS
– Dedicated servers
– 4,000 Gamerscore
– Includes Halo Nightfall (digital series created with Ridley Scott)
– Halo 5 beta included
– Beta will debut new game modes and features

So are you excited, well if you are a Halo fan then I am sure you will be this collection is perhaps one of the smartest moves that Microsoft can make introducing new people to the world of Halo form the start and also providing old fans with a catch up. Halo may not be my cup of tea but for once I will say good job Microsoft, I think you have done something right.

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