The History and Development of Mario Kart – Game Busters Podcast

This week, Nirav and Alyssa are joined by local Koopa Kids Taylor and Monica for a deep dive into the development cycles, history, and legacy of various Mario Kart games throughout the years. We dive into the origins of the SNES game, the wonderful world of the Wii Wheel, battle modes, and remenisce about a bunch of people you’ve never met and never will meet. Everyone just hold hands, stay strong, and maybe they’ll let Black Yoshi in the movie next time.

Every week, Nirav, Alyssa, and a panel of self-proclaimed experts bring you game development deep dives, spoilercasts, Good Games Inc specials where we turn your audience suggestions into game ideas and much more!  Find us at on Twitter! Find Nirav on Twitter @gandheezy and Alyssa @GoBalysstic !

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