The History and Legacy of Dungeons & Dragons – Game Busters Podcast

This week, we’re joined by Nirav’s DND buddies of six years, Matt and Ryan, to talk about the history and legacy of the king of tabletop RPGs! From Gary Gygax’s insane life that is somehow not a David Fincher movie yet, to how he met the other guy and Zuckerberg’d him, to our own experiences with DND and the friends we made along the way, join us for a deep dive into the development of the monolith and how it went from a weird nerd war game to and inescapable part of pop culture. Roll for initative!
Every week, Nirav, Alyssa, and a rotating panel of self-proclaimed experts deep dive into the development cycle and legacy of the games you love.  Find us at on Twitter! Find Nirav on Twitter @gandheezy and Alyssa @GoBalysstic !
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