The Last Of Us Episode 6 Caught Red-Handed With Errors

This article contains mild spoilers for Episode 6 of The Last of Us, and fair warning, like the title, bad puns.

HBO’s The Last Of Us might need a helping hand inside the editing room after a crew member’s hand could be spotted in the shot during Episode 6, which aired last Sunday on Feb. 19. As highlighted by Twitter user @rejectedhannah, the mistake can be picked up as Ellie approaches Shimmer in the barn. 

Hit play on the clip further down to see for yourself. If you look closely, someone’s hand appears beneath the horse from behind the door, seemingly propping up the animal. You could say they were horsing around, but the error seems genuine since the hand disappears beneath the door shortly after. 

If you’ve continued to read this far, you’ve forgiven the awful horse-themed puns, and on we go. This is, however, not the only blunder picked up by eagle-eyed audiences connected to the episode titled ‘Kin’ that picked up the story at Tommy’s settlement in Wyoming. Joel and Ellie cross a bridge before the scene cuts to a wide shot, and if you squint, members of the film crew can be spotted (concealed pretty neatly by the trees, it has to be said), to the left-hand side of the picture. 

A screenshot of the mistake can be seen in the Twitter post below, courtesy of user @stjguitarist. “Brilliant episode. Something you might want to fix and reupload though. You can see the film crew in this shot,” they captioned the post. Still, these errors might not be as bad as a stray Starbucks cup slipping the attention of the editors in Game of Thrones.

If you’re hungry for more The Last of Us content, a cinematographer on the show recently revealed that the series had banned the word ‘zombie’ on set. You can also check out our review of the latest episode right here.

Did you spot these errors in The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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