The Last Of Us: Jeffrey Pierce Talks About His Bloater Scene

Spoilers for The Last Of Us Episode 5 ahead.

Jeffrey Pierce shared his thoughts following his character’s dramatic and gruesome exit from HBO’s The Last Of Us. Speaking to GamesRadar, Pierce was asked if he knew about his encounter with the gargantuan monster. “I love it for a lot of reasons” Pierce said, who provided his motion-capture and voice talents for Tommy in the game before being recast as an original character, Perry, in the HBO series. 

Perry serves as a second-in-command to Kathleen, a rebel leader of a resistance group in control of Kansas City. Perry competes unsuccessfully in a face-off against a bloater. The term face-off, is quite literal since he had his head pulled off.

“I love it because I sort of imagined that the way that I would want to conceive Perry is this sort of, you know, samurai who lost his cause and then found it with Kathleen. And then he gets this absolutely objectively honorable death where he sacrifices himself to try to give her the time to escape.”

“I also like the idea that this guy who’s carrying an M-4 and a 45 and a Beretta and a Gerkin knife and two bayonets, that no amount of skill, no amount of guns [matters] when it’s your time there, there is no sort of magic bullet here with all of these gear and all these guns,” Pierce continued.

The 51-year-old actor, whose other credits include stints in the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty franchises, said it would have taken his character “courage to stand there in the breach and I think it’s important that people are willing to stand in the breach, but boy, you better make sure the cause actually is righteous if you’re gonna give your life for it.”

Let us know your thoughts on The Last Of Us so far in the comments below, and keep tuned with GameLuster for more gaming news. Episode 4’s review can be found at the link here.

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