The Last of Us Left Behind is being released as a standalone game

Have you been meaning to see what the Last of Us is like? If you have then you may be interested in checking the Last of Us Left Behind, Naughty Dog took to the Playstation Blog today to announce that Left Behind is coming as a standalone game. On May 12th the Last of Us Left Behind will be available for download as a standalone game availible for $10 on both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Previously the game was only available to those who owned the original Last of Us as downloadable content on the Playstation 3, it was bundled in with the Game of the Year edition, and was also bundled in the remastered version of the game or the Playstation 4. I imagine this decision to provide some advertisement to the Last of Us and urge more future sales, however I don’t think this is an extremely smart move though as it does provide some spoilers to the main game and things the player might not understand. Then again it could urge them to buy the Last of Us, interesting idea.

“If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out The Last of Us, this is a nicely priced gateway to checking out the world and characters so many people (and critics) loved. While part of the story of Left Behind takes place during the main narrative arc of The Last of Us, I think some of the best and most touching moments of any game in recent memory occur during the prequel segments.”
As an added bonus for those who download Left Behind you will receive a two hour pass to the game Factions multiplayer, if that interest you. Though if you are truly interested in checking out the Last of Us you are better off buying the full game.
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