The Last Of Us Part II: Hidden Gems – The Soda Can

The second entry in this Hidden Gems series for The Last Of Us Part II comes toward the end of Day 1 with Ellie and Dina in Seattle. Following an abrupt escape from Channel 13’s TV station, Ellie and Dina go underground, encountering clickers, shamblers, and a group of the WLF in the subway tunnels. (The atmosphere from the red flare lighting is just magnificently epic).

Much later, somewhere deep in the maintenance tunnels, Ellie finds a sealed off exit. Naturally, the challenge of finding a way round to the exit is pretty standard. Ellie explores alone, venturing into a room signposted Lounge. Again, depending on the mode you’re playing in, the supplies you discover will vary. Using a pickaxe to smash the glass of a vending machine, (smashing glass is oddly very satisfying), Ellie finds a soda can.

Taped to the can is a note from a ‘V’, who gives a hint toward a door code. Numbered between 1 to 5, the remaining numbers available on the door code are 3 and 4. The correct combination is 15234. Inside I scavenge some shotgun shells, rags, a silencer attachment, and pills. For those feeling brave, if you attempt the more demanding levels, (Permadeath and Grounded for example), these hidden supplies could be crucial to your survival. 

The vending machine and soda can mystery is an easy thing to miss, as I’ve learned previously.


I’ll be honest, this new discovery is no way near as impressive as my first, finding a bank and learning of the Outbreak Day heist. But this moment again reinforces the fact that The Last Of Us Part II is so vast in the scope of its story, that so much goes unseen, and ultimately requires a number of play-throughs to really flesh out the world Naughty Dog meticulously created.

Sometime later in The Last of Us Part II, in a flashback to Ellie’s birthday, she and Joel visit a Science and History Museum. Ellie, as I found out, can climb the life-size T-Rex sculpture outside, (however, I sadly wasn’t able to capture the footage from this particular section). This little moment just added to what was already a highly poignant, emotionally charged sequence in The Last Of Us Part II.

The Last Of Us Part II is available on the PlayStation 4. For those already safe from spoilers, and want more from the game, check out the GameLuster review. And stay tuned for more Hidden Gems from The Last of Us Part II. 

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