The Legend of Zelda Series Amiibo’s Announced

During the latest Nintendo Direct the curtain was pulled back on a brand new line of amiibo figures this time focusing on the Legend of Zelda franchise. Four new amiibo’s were revealed, one is an 8-bit Link (akin to the 8-bit Mario amiibo), another is Link from Ocarina of Time, as well as Toon Link and Toon Zelda from Wind Waker. The Direct revealed that all of these amiibo’s will compatible in some way with the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, although no information as to their compatibility or function within the game have been confirmed.

On a standard basis each amiibo will work similar to their Super Smash Brothers counterparts and will be compatible with all games that the standard figures work alongside. All of these amiibo’s will arrive on December 2nd in both Europe and North America.

These amiibo’s will be great for fans of the Zelda franchise as well as amiibo collectors offering a decent amount of fan service for the Zelda franchises thirtieth anniversary. Are you excited about this announcement? Will you be aiming to add these amiibo’s to your collection? Or, do you simply not care in the slightest, let us know in the comment section below.

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