The Outer Worlds DLC Announced

After a significant number of nominations for The Game Awards, The Outer Worlds’ developers have announced on the game’s forum that DLC for the game is on its way.

The downloadable content is specified to be a story expansion, so no need to worry about a DLC that merely adds a few extra cosmetics and items. There currently is no release date. The announcement also does not specify whether the DLC will be free or an additional purchase to the original game. There is the discussion that the DLC may arrive in early spring, which is when The Outer Worlds is supposed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Obsidian ended their announcement with a message of gratitude for The Outer Worlds’ fans: “We just wanted to personally thank our team for doing a wonderful job and our fans for their tremendous support.”

Having played through The Outer Worlds, there are many planets on your map that are inaccessible. Perhaps the DLC will allow for more exploration throughout the Halcyon colony?


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