The Town of Light Coming to Switch with Exclusive Deluxe Edition

Italian developer LKA and Wired Productions have been making the rounds these past couple of years with The Town of Light. In 2016, they brought their game to the PC; 2017 saw the release of the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; and 2018 will see the game brought to the Nintendo Switch.

The Town of Light is a fascinating game that takes the initiative to explore a seldom discussed topic in the medium, mental illness. The game is based around historical treatments of mental health in Italy during the mid-20th century. As the main character, you play as sixteen year old Renee as she wanders through the abandoned mental home and tries to collect memories of what she thinks is her past.

The Switch version of The Town of Light will release as an exclusive deluxe edition, offering its players a collection of documentary pieces that aim to provide additional information relating to the game’s themes. This will also allow further exploration of real life location of Volterra Hospital, in which the game is loosely based on.

The Town of Light is set for a spring release on the Switch and will be available in both physical and digital editions.

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