The Walking Dead season three set more in line with comics, will be “checking in on Clementine”

Clementine is a major staple of the The Walking Dead series Telltale has brought us and we have seen her grow with each different episode, but it appears we will be seeing a different Clementine. According to Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman the third season will line up more with the comics rather then the start that was explored in the early seasons, he also states Clementine will be returning however she will likely be older.

Talking with IGN, Kirkman states players will be “checking in on Clementine” in the third season, this is so players get to understand how she is doing at this point but this also raises questions as to whether she will be major to the story or just a one episode cameo.

He then said that Season 3 will take place “close to where we are in the comics currently,” meaning that the season will line up pretty closely with the comics that are coming out now. He has also stated that more elements from the comics should appear in the game, this is in comparison to the first two seasons where only a handful of appearances occured. This is being done to fall more in line with Telltale’s recent work on The Walking Dead Michonne, wherein they follow more elements directly linked to the comic books such as Michonne’s absence between a certain point in the series.

You can see IGN’s interview with Kirkman below:

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