The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 finally comes out.

Hey! Do you remember The Wolf Among Us?  That one Telltale’s episodic game that was base on the Fables comic-book seriesYeah,me neither. Probably because the first episode came out FOUR MONTHS AGO! Talk about a delay in schedule. Well, Telltale Games official twitter, tweeted the release date for Episode 2 last Friday.

PC gamers,Mac enthusiasts, and PlayStation 3 users in North America can download it on February 4th.

The rest of the PlayStation 3 PlayStation-nation in Europe and the remaining Xbox 360 population can download it a day later on February 5th.

Why is there a one day delay? Who knows? But what’s more important is that there is finally another episode of The Wolf Among Us finally bestowed us. For now,to keep your heart’s content,here’s a trailer for Episode 2. Enjoy.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Trailer


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