The Year of Luigi Comes to a Close

­­­In February of last year, Nintendo announced the Year of Luigi, a whole year of Luigi themed games to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Luigi’s debut. Today, Miyamoto took to the Miiverse community forums to announce that the year-long event is coming to a close on March 18 of this year. What this officially means is that after the 18th, the Year of Luigi Community and its Developers Room will no longer accept new comments or posts, bringing an end to the online discussion.

Miyamoto Luigi 900x900

In his post, Miyamoto encourages Luigi fans to leave a comment for Luigi, as he says farewell to the spotlight. Over the course of the year, we have seen a great range of titles featuring the green brother, including New Super Luigi U, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Dr. Luigi. The event has lasted nearly 400 days, as March 18 marks the 392nd day of the Year of Luigi. Not bad at all for the fan favourite.

We at GameLuster wish Luigi nothing but the best for the future, and can’t wait to see what Nintendo thinks up next for its beloved cast of characters. You can say your goodbyes to Luigi Here.


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