Theatrhythm Dragon Quest details

Square Enix has provided a series of concrete details for what exactly is included within their upcoming game Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.

You can find the information rounded up below, courtesy of Siliconera’s translation.

– Board game-like mode for unlocking content
– Unlock “Rhythm Points” by clearing stages
– Acquire Rhythm Points to play in the Sugoroku Field, get Sugoroku Tickets, or Orbs used to get more teammates
– Sugoroku: Japanese board game that involves using dice to roll from start to finish, often with various gimmicks on your way from start to finish
– Once you reach the goal, you’ll get orbs which come in handy for unlocking allies
– Gimmicks in the Sugoroku Field can be helpful/hurtful
– These include various stores and doors that warp you to other doors, and pitfall traps that throw you outside of the field, resulting in a failure
– You can choose to go again for a chance to double-up your reward, but failing results in getting nothing at all
– Music stages in Theathrythm Dragon Quest aren’t too different from Theathrythm Final Fantasy
– Player Cards in the game let you make with your own comments and looks
– Trade cards with other players
– You’ll also get access to new Sugoroku Field maps by collecting these
– Player Cards contain information such as your top 3 characters and songs, play time, comments, and other records


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