This Is What The Nintendo NX Supossedly Is

In an article by Eurogamer, a number of sources have confirmed that the Nintendo NX will in fact be what rumours have been suggesting for a while now, that the console is a home console/portable hybrid

The console will supposedly be similar to a handheld with the exception of breakaway controllers on both ends of the device.  This allows the controllers to be attached and removed as needed, allowing you to use the display as a portable TV of sorts while the user holds the controllers. You would also be able to use it as a traditional handheld.



The home console aspect of the system comes into play with a docking bay that is used to connect the console to a TV for home play.

In terms of power, Nvidia’s powerful Tegra mobile processor is reported to be the processor powering the console. Digital Foundry estimates that the power of the NX will be more powerful than last gen, but not quite on par with a PS4 or Xbox One.

Another rumour that has been going around was also confirmed by sources at Eurogamer, that the NX will use cartridges. It won’t be cartridges like a SNES or N64, but instead will most likely be 32GB cards similar to what the 3DS and Vita already use.

It’s important to note that while sources have confirmed these claims, Nintendo have still made no official confirmation about any of it. Therefore, all of this is still a rumour, but the picture of what the NX is becoming is getting more and more clearer.

The Nintendo NX will supposedly launch in March of 2017.

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