Those who own Skyrim through Steam and have bought all additional content will be able to upgrade to the special edition for free

The remaster of Skyrim for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One was the biggest bit of news to come out of Bethesda’s E3 press conference, and honestly the most exciting announcement. This game would be greatly suited for those who never played the game on previous systems and wanted to give it a go but in a bigger way, they got to enjoy updated visuals, as well as mod support which is all an exciting prospect.

But a question that rose from this announcement involved PC players, will these get access to the enhanced special edition? It turns out Steam users who have the game and all additional content will be getting hold of the special edition for no extra charge as Bethesda shared:

If you own #Skyrim and all its add-ons or own Legendary Edition on Steam, you’ll get a free upgrade to Skyrim Special Edition on Oct 28 #BE3

This is truly great news for longtime PC players who might want to make use of the special edition, but yet it is disheartening for players on consoles that they will have to rebuy the game to play the enhanced version. There are reasons for this which are understandable, but at least Bethesda is trying to take care of those they can for their loyalty with the game.

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