Titanfall: All maps leaked with in-depth pictures

Titanfall is easily one of the most anticipated games of this year so while you wait for Respawn’s first game, the computer geniuses who can de-code files have found pictures of all the Titanfall maps. These images show a bird’s eye view of all the maps, along with Key Landmarks.

Titanfall will be releasing on PC and Xbox One on March 11th while it will be releasing on March 25th for Xbox 360.

Also remember that you will be able to jump on top of all these buildings with your Jet packs and free-running abilities, so start planning out some good spots!

What map do you think looks best? Comment below, as i’m really keen to see what you guys like.

You can find the Gallery here:

Map 1: Airbase

Map 2: Angel City (was playable in the Beta)

Map 3: Boneyard

Map 4: Colony

Map 5: Corporate 

Map 6: Demeter

Map 7: Fracture (was playable in the Beta)

Map 8: Lagoon

Map 9: Nexus

Map 10: Outpost 207

Map 11: Outlook

Map 12: Relic

Map 13: Rise

Map 14: Smuggler

Map 15: Training Ground

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