Titanfall Season Pass and DLC Confirmed

A post on the Official Titanfall Website today revealed that the upcoming multiplayer FPS will indeed have at least three pieces of planned DLC, and a season pass. The pass will sell for $25, and according to the website will save players $5 across the entire DLC period, meaning that each will cost $10 separately.


Xbox 360 and Xbox One users will need to have a Gold Xbox Live membership in order to play the DLC, while PC users will have the option to buy the Titanfall Digital Deluxe version, which features the game and DLC for a combined total of $80. However, Titanfall Digital Deluxe is only available from EA’s Origin Store, so those hoping to purchase their copy through Steam are out of luck. Those who already pre-ordered the standalone game can contact EA to change their pre-order to Digital Deluxe if they desire.


As for the content itself, all that has been confirmed is that the DLC will include new maps, with Titanfall’s developers keeping the rest of their cards close to their chest for now. According to the website “All other content is still to be determined and will be announced as we get closer to their release.”


Titanfall is currently scheduled for release March 11 for PC and Xbox One, and March 25 for Xbox 360.



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