Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has a slight change in clothing on a character in the localized version

We can’t expect games to be localized without somethings being changed, often this means small things are removed like Fire Emblem Fates petting minigame, or costumes are altered. With the localization of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE we can expect changes and one such change has been revealed. During the latest direct Nintendo showed off a batch of new gameplay for the game and an eagle eyed viewer has noted a change.

Twitter user “MGNoxa” happened to notice that Tsubasa Oribe’s idol outfit has been changed. In the image below you can see the Japanese version on the left and the localized version on the right, honestly I had to look at the picture a few times over to even notice the fact that they made the character just a little more dressed. We don’t know about any additional changes but I guess we will see more as the game gets closer to release.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE costume change

I just have to say I don’t get it, for a game that is obviously more intended for an adult audience why are they trying to add to these characters clothes. This type of thing just needs to be left alone.

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