Toon Link confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends

At E3 this year Hyrule Warriors Legends was announced for the Nintendo 3DS and with came a few notable surprises, the game is set to expand upon the base Wii U game which launched back in 2014 with an additional selection of characters. The games original announcement gave us some excitement when it was revealed that Wind Waker’s Tetra and King of the Red Lions would be joining the battle, but what is truly great to know is that this is not all with an additional Wind Waker character joining the roster.

Famitsu has confirmed that Toon Link will be a playable character within Hyrule Warriors Legends, as far as his inclusion in the game will go Toon Link has been confirmed to not be playable in Legends mode, from the sound of it the rest is fair game.

For those who own the Wii U version of the game you will be able to transfer Toon Link over to the home console where he will be playable.

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