Top 10 Waifus from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (From Someone Who Doesn’t Play Fire Emblem)

I am, like many other geeks, otakus, or weebs (whatever you wish to call us), into the idea of the waifu. We have those female characters that we hold above the rest, who have a special place in our hearts. Whenever we read a manga, watch an anime, or play a video game, we find those characters that we absolutely adore, and keep on our minds. We sometimes watch or play something because it has “waifu potential.”

I do not play Fire Emblem titles, and have not looked too much into Three Houses. However, from what I have seen, there is a ton of waifu potential. Here are the top ten waifus from Three Houses by someone who is looking in from the outside, and knows very little about the game.

No. 10: Hilda

sg fe three houses hilda
Gotta love those anime pigtails.

When I was looking at the girls of Three Houses, Hilda stood out as the typical anime waifu. Thus, she ended up on this list. The pink hair and pigtails just scream anime. She is a potential waifu by default. This does not mean that she may be plain and boring by any means. She could be a lively and awesome character. But from my stance, she is a typical waifu.

No. 9: Edelgard

maxresdefault 6
Classy lady.

I am not one for blondes (sorry to all the blondes out there). But there is something about Edelgard that makes me want to sit down and have a conversation while looking deep into her eyes. She has the air of someone regal and sophisticated. She seems to be a classy lady, and one that you would want to spend time with.

No. 8: Flayn

fire emblem three houses pl1 0003
Such a sweetie,

Flayn looks so sweet and caring. She seems like the sort of woman that you would want to come home to after a tough day. And sometimes that is what we want in a waifu. We want a loving woman with a cute smile. Someone to remind us that even though the world sucks, everything will be okay⁠—a waifu to show us we are loved.

No. 7: Dorothea

maxresdefault 7
Such pretty green eyes.

Dorothea looks like a girl who wants to have a good time. She looks like the kind of girl that wants to get Korean BBQ and then go to a karaoke bar. And we need that type of waifu in our lives. They cannot all be tsunderes (though they are important). When I make a list of waifu candidates, girls like Dorothea are on that list. I need a waifu who is fun, and has pretty green eyes to boot (which I love).

No. 6: Ingrid

sg fe three houses ingrid
Those eyes do it for me

At first, Ingrid did not leave much of an impression on me. But as I looked at the different ladies in Three Houses, she slowly made her way onto the list. I noticed her green eyes, and as I stated with Dorothea, I love green eyes. Ingrid is the waifu that does not appear on the radar at first, but as you get to know her, she slowly takes a piece of your heart.

No. 5: Bernadetta

maxresdefault 8
Sometimes shy ain’t a bad thing.

When watching anime or playing JRPGs, I can be a sucker for the shy girl. When I look at Bernadetta, all I see is an introvert who will look at me with those big eyes. They will have a glimmer in them, and I know that if I have those eyes, I have the world. Once pulled out of their shell, these are the type of waifu that win hearts. And in rare and extreme cases, these are the waifu who become best girl.

No. 4: Lysithea

sg fe three houses lysithea

Lysithea seems to have a mature air about her. Not serious, just mature. She seems like the kind of waifu who would offer you great advice, and then give you a really pretty smile. And it’s the kind of advice that sends you running for something or someone after a really important realization (anime watchers know what I’m talking about). There is something that is attractive about this type of maturity, something that helps make Lysithea great waifu material.

No. 3: Shamir

maxresdefault 9

Whenever one writes up a list of potential waifus, a tsundere always makes that list. When I look at Shamir, I get complete tsundere vibes. She looks like she will punch you and call you an idiot only to come back apologizing with blushed cheeks and a shine in her eyes. They seem tough at first, but once opened, tsunderes can easily become prime material for best girl.

No. 2: Marianne

sg fe three houses marianne
Cool and collected.

Marianne looks calm and collected. In a world of crazy emotions, sometimes having someone to help you take a deep breath and chill can be a blessing. That is the sort of waifu that Marianne seems to be. She can come into the room and settle it down. In a world of high-energy waifus, Marianne can really stand out and be someone to really reel everything in. The blue hair is also a plus.

No. 1: Annette

sg fe three houses annette

Annette is probably the cutest potential waifu on this list. She has such a sweet little face with big eyes. She seems like the type who would walk up to you with big shining eyes, say something cute, and make you scream “Kawaii!” Most waifus have a cuteness factor to them, and that is Annette’s biggest aspect. If you need your waifu to be as cute as possible, Annette will be your girl.

GameLuster’s Tuesday 10 highlights memorable, light-hearted facets of video games or the industry at large. The No.1 is a hill no one should die on, but it’s a hill that should be admired from afar. 

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