Top 10 Leaked New Demons from Shin Megami Tensei V

In their latest mini-Direct, Nintendo confirmed that Shin Megami Tensei V is indeed still alive and kicking, coming in 2021 for a simultaneous worldwide release. I’ve scoured the Discords, the NeoGAF forums, sorted Reddit posts by new, hacked into Twitter DMs, and done unspeakable things in the name of finding what new demons ATLUS is adding, and I’m here to share my findings with you.

10. MissingNo.

Image from

Everyone born in the early 90s remembers their opening up their version of Pokemon Red or Blue one day and finding a pixelated column of data that eventually evolved into a Kangaskhan. Due to licensing issues, ATLUS grabbed the only non-copyrighted Pokemon they could get. MissingNo.’s main abilities in Shin Megami Tensei V will be crashing the game every 45 seconds and duplicating items at random.

9. Jesus Christ

Image from Fight of Gods on Steam

Ganesh, Vishnu and Shiva are all already in the Megami Tensei-verse as demons that can be tamed and controlled, so Jesus will fit right in. He obviously deals bless damage pretty heftily, but if you switch him out for another Deity-type Persona he’s going to be pretty ticked off. He’ll also refuse to deal any finishing blows to opponents, so his usefulness is limited.

8. Dante from the Devil May CryTM Series


In a crossover event that almost makes too much sense, Dante from the Devil May Cry Series will be an unlockable special event demon. He’s got a high speed stat and can deal both Gun and Melee damage, so you can finally relive the glory days when the series was at its height with Devil May Cry 2.

7. Bakugan


Everyone’s favorite video game series, Bakugan, finally has a rep coming to Shin Megami Tensei! This leak is riding the coattails of the AAA Nintendo Switch Exclusive Bakugan game, so fans of the series are sure to be riding high right now. Nintendo fans just can’t get enough Bakugan!

6. Kratos


When Kratos heard his dad, Zeus, was off in the Megami Tensei-verse working for teenagers, he simply had to intervene. Kratos is unfortunately unavailable for summoning, but serves as a boss fight about halfway through the campaign. Rumor is that Atreus may be an alternate skin for an existing Deity, so keep an eye out.

5. Teddie

Image from

Teddie, of Persona 4 fame, is finally back in the mix! Everyone’s favorite JRPG dumb animal companion is back by popular demand, and fans can look forward to using him as a persona next year. Unleashing Teddie at his absolute maximum of power will surely be a terror to behold – and if not , throwing him in the guillotine for a fusion will be satisfying regardless.

4. A Family-Friendly Version of the Penis Chariot

Images from and @Grimtomes respectively

Finally, I can let my son play one of the Megami-Tensei games without fear of him becoming gay. Thanks to @Grimtomes for designing a G-rated version of Mara, which is legitimately a real demon from the series.

3. The Crazy Honeycomb Guy from the 90s Commercials


If you grew up in America in the 90s you know exactly what this is. If you don’t, I’m afraid I do not have words to explain it to you. Kellog’s has obviously reached out to their close friends across the pond at ATLUS and are trying to reignite the Honeycomb brand with some precision product placement. Between this and Tony the Tiger joining Smash Bros, expect many more cereal mascot x gaming crossovers!

2. Whatever This Is


I found this image by hacking into Doug Bowser’s phone. Well, not hacking exactly, this was his lock screen wallpaper. I can only assume it’s either a new water-type Pokemon or a Shin Megami Tensei demon. Is this what a Man-o-War is? Look out for one of these on your Switch next year, whatever it is.

1. Geno

Image from

Please leave Sakurai alone. He works so hard. Y’all are toxic af.


Got a hot scoop on a new demon appearing in Shin Megami Tensei V? Mad that I spoiled that at the end of the game you attack and dethrone God? Sound off in the comments below!

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