Totaku Collection Showcases PlayStation Classics

Think Geek announced a new line of PlayStation themed figures in what they are calling the Totaku Collection. As of the time of this article, they are teasing the release of seven figures: SackBoy from Little Big Planet, Parappa the Rapper, Crash Bandicoot, Bloodborne’s Hunter, God of War’s Kratos, Tekken’s Heihachi, and wipEout’s Feisar FX350 ship. Each figure will cost about $10 USD and stand a little less than four inches tall. Hint: hold your hand sideways; that’s their approximate height.

As a bit of a toy nerd, I do wish they were articulated, but in totality, they look like highly detailed sculpts with excellent painted details for a very reasonable price. And honestly, they’re for display, so it isn’t like they’re going anywhere. In case you hadn’t checked, other figures can run anywhere from $50 to over $1,000 USD, so the price point for these guys is pretty attractive.

I, for one, have a couple on my birthday wishlist. Take a look below to see the current lineup of Totaku figures and click here to be routed to the GameStop website.

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