The Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update added a new area called Miasmic Swamp, which sounds delightful. This area holds a lot of new secrets and puzzles that are yet to be discovered and solved. But before you even get stuck into solving these puzzles and uncovering the area’s secrets, it’s best to be prepared and prevent some headaches down the line!

By defeating enemies, you can get buffs that help your team, with one such buff being Germinated Revelation Seeds. In Tower of Fantasy, you can use these seeds to clear out the Titan Konjac Roots, which can prevent you from progressing through the game if not disabled. Definitely one of those headaches I mentioned! But in order to get Germinated Revelation Seeds, you need to have a base version of the Revelation Seeds. 

Many players struggle to obtain these Germinated Revelation Seeds. Seeing that, we have prepared this handy guide on how to get and use Germinated Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get Revelation Seeds

Titan Konjac

As mentioned earlier, you will need a base version of the Revelation Seed to get the Germinated Revelation Seeds. To get the seeds, you must first navigate a series of puzzles and odd devices to open up a chambering Revelation Seed Sapling. Once you open the sapling, the Konjac Roots will unleash poison gas, and if you go near these roots, you will receive heavy damage. To get rid of this contaminated gas, you have to activate a Purification System that neutralizes the poison. 

Toxic Plant

As you come across the swamp area and see the above device, approach it and strike with a physical-type attack to align the rotating boxes. Once the three rotating boxes are aligned, the device will turn green, meaning you have successfully activated it. You can now go to the Konjac area and look for the Revelation Seeds scattered throughout the area without taking any damage from the poison gas.

How to Use The Revelation Seeds


Once you’ve collected the Revelation Seeds, go to the Brood egg and interact with it to summon powerful enemies. The summoning will require four types of elemental ores:

  • Snowsource = Frost
  • Lightningsource = Lightning
  • Landsource = Physical
  • Sunsource = Fire

After scattering the eggs and defeating every mini-boss, you will get the Germinated Revelation Seed. Now go back to the Kunjac plant, where the seeds will disable any Titan Konjac Roots that appear so they don’t stand between you and your enemies. With enough Germinated Revelation Seeds, you’ll be able to move through areas full of Titan Konjac and Miasmic enemies without much trouble.

Note: These mini-bosses are very powerful. No one can defeat them alone without maxed-out matrices and advanced equipment and weapons. We recommend fighting the boss with friends or other players for better results.

That concludes our guide on how to get and use Germinated Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play game available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms. 

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